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1.Bachelor Program — International Economics & Trade in English

The major of International Economics and Trade in China-Africa International Business School of Zhejiang Normal University is an internationalized major approved by Zhejiang Province. The goal of this major is to cultivate compound, practical, high level talents with global views. There are two directions, China-Africa Economy and Trade, and International Business.

There are 4 characteristics for this major.

First, small-class-based full English teaching

Each class has only 30 students or so, and all the core curriculums are delivered with original English version classical textbooks and reference materials.

Second, international admission

We’ve already recruited some international students from various countries of Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Third, many practical training platform in school and practicing bases out of school

In school, we have Training Platform for China-Africa International Business Talents, China-Africa International Business Website,and Comprehensive Lab for International Business. And we have established relationship with more than twenty companies for the purpose of students' practicing.

Fourth, qualified faculties with international vision

80% of the faculties have at least half a year of overseas study and/or research experience, and 19% are foreign teachers.

2.Bachelor Program — Electronic Business in English

The E-commerce major of Zhejiang Normal University enables students to master the theory of modern business management and the knowledge of E-commerce operation and administration, foster E-commerce application skills, apply electronic, internet and information instruments to develop cross-border E-commerce, and operate and manage internet stores, work on website project and design, webpage production, commercial website construction, E-marketing, database management and maintenance, network market survey and analysis, international logistics and supply chain management, international payment and settlement, foreign trade documents processing, network clients service etc. With hundreds of industry websites in Yiwu as the bases, E-commerce major equips students with practical and innovation ability and professional technologies in E-commerce operation and administration to become cross-border trade talents, competent in management, skills and application.

3.Master Program — Master of Business Administration in English

Designed for middle to senior level managers, the Zhejiang Normal University Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a general management degree. The program develops forward-thinking and responsible leaders. In this program, you'll:

a. develop leadership and strategic capabilities in a local and global context
b. effectively and persuasively communicate in an organizational environment
c. advance understanding and adoption of ethical practice, social responsibility and sustainability
d. develop a higher level of knowledge in engaging with Chinese Businesses

The MBA increases your competency as a manager, enabling you to evaluate the appropriateness of advice provided externally and internally, and to use that information to make decisions consistent with achieving sustainable outcomes for multiple stakeholders. Opportunities are provided to build on the core integrated courses by undertaking choice electives and Specializations, and undertaking a research pathway.

4.Master Program — Software Engineering in English

Software engineering discipline of Zhejiang Normal University is a Zhejiang Province Key Discipline (A-class). The discipline was awarded engineering degree-granting postsecondary and begin recruiting full-time software engineering master students(double certificate) in 2010. The discipline have 47 teachers, including 11 Professors, 17 Associate Professors. More than 50% teachers have doctorates,  and have half a year oversea academic visit experience. In the last 5 years, software engineering faculty carried out more than 200 projects, and project fund amounts to 376.5 thousand Chinese Yuan.

This discipline focuses on student’s practical ability training, and establishes an internship base with more than 4 software enterprises in jinhua. Recently, the number of international students increase quickly, who come from more than 30 countries and regions.

The main research directions of our discipline includes: requirement modeling technology, software development specification, software process technology, software project management, big data service engineering, block chain application, etc.

5.Doctor Program — Comparative Education in English

Main Research Areas cover both Comparative studies on educational strategies and policies and African education studies. The former focuses on the introduction of the western higher educational theories, studies of major countries’ educational strategies, Indian education, comparative study on higher vocational education, policy study on teacher education, etc. African education studies pay much attention to the educational system, educational finance, educational culture and educational aid of Francophone and Anglophone African Countries. Our studies focus on country study on African higher education, Sino-Africa educational relations, and Sino-Africa cooperation and educational development. It includes country study on many African countries, model study on Sino-Africa educational relations, educational aid policy, the promotion of international Chinese language education in Africa, the influence of the international organizations to Africa (UNICEF, UNESCO, etc.).

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